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Class MarkerKey

Composition or Layer marker objects


  • MarkerKey





Readonly chapter

chapter: string = "Chapter 1"

Contents of Chapter field in marker dialog box.

Readonly comment

comment: string = "Marker comment"

Contents of Comment field in marker dialog box.

Readonly cuePointName

cuePointName: string = "Cue Point Name"

Contents of cue point Name field in marker dialog box.

Readonly duration

duration: number = 0

Duration, in seconds, of marker.

Readonly eventCuePoint

eventCuePoint: boolean = false

Setting for cue point type in marker dialog box. True for Event; false for Navigation.

Readonly frameTarget

frameTarget: string = "Frame Target"

Contents of Frame Target field in marker dialog box.

Readonly index

index: number = 1

The index of the marker

Readonly parameters

parameters: MarkerParam = ...

Contents of Parameter Name and Parameter Value fields in marker dialog box.

For example, if you have a parameter named “background color”, then you can use the following expression to access its value at the nearest marker: thisComp.marker.nearestKey(time).parameters["background color"]

Readonly protectedRegion

protectedRegion: boolean = false

Whether the marker represents a protected region

Readonly time

time: number = 0

The location of the marker in time

Readonly url

url: string = "URL"

Contents of URL field in marker dialog box.

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