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Class Comp


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Readonly activeCamera

activeCamera: Camera = ...

The Camera object for the camera through which the composition is rendered at the current frame. This camera is not necessarily the camera through which you are looking in the Composition panel.

Readonly bgColor

bgColor: Color = ...

The background color of the composition

Readonly displayStartTime

displayStartTime: number = 0

The composition start time in seconds

Readonly duration

duration: number = 10

The composition duration in seconds

Readonly frameDuration

frameDuration: number = 0.04

The duration of a frame, in seconds

Readonly height

height: number = 1080

The composition height in pixels

Optional Readonly marker

marker: MarkerProperty = ...

The marker property group object

Readonly name

name: string = "Comp Base"

The name of the composition.

Readonly ntscDropFrame

ntscDropFrame: boolean = false

Whether the timecode is in drop-frame format

Readonly numLayers

numLayers: number = 1

The number of layers in the composition.

Readonly pixelAspect

pixelAspect: number = 1

The pixel aspect ratio of the composition

Readonly shutterAngle

shutterAngle: number = 180

The shutter-angle of the composition, in degrees

Readonly width

width: number = 1920

The composition width in pixels



  • layer(index: number): Layer
  • layer(name: string): Layer
  • layer(otherLayer: Layer, relativeIndex: number): Layer
  • Gets a layer in the composition


    • index: number

    Returns Layer

    The requested Layer object

  • Parameters

    • name: string

    Returns Layer

  • Parameters

    • otherLayer: Layer
    • relativeIndex: number

    Returns Layer

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